About Us

We are a modern Bible based church with an emphasis on relating Bible teachings to everyday life and the family.

Our Sunday service is held at 11.00am

Unit 1
148 Toongabbie Road

Our Statement of Faith

We believe:

– That the Holy Bible is the living Word of God and declares His design and plan for mankind. (2 Timothy 3: 16-17)

– In the Eternal Godhead, that there is only One True God, revealed in three persons: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit (commonly known as the Holy Trinity). (2 Corinthians 13: 14)

– In the Godship of the Lord Jesus Christ. As God’s Son, Jesus was both human and Divine. (John 1: 1-5, 14)

– That though originally perfect, created in the image of God, man voluntarily disobeyed God and willingly fell to sin, ushering evil and death, both physical and spiritual into the world. (Romans 5: 12)

– In salvation through grace by sincere repentance and a whole-hearted acceptance of Jesus Christ, resulting in a new birth. (John 3:16; Romans 5:8; Ephesians 2:8; 1 John 1:9; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 2:20)

– That it is the will of God that we be sanctified daily through a progressive lifelong process of separating from evil as we continually draw closer to God and become more Christlike. (Hebrews 6: 1)

– In water baptism by immersion as an outward sign of an inward work (Matthew 28:9), in the commemoration of the Lord’s Supper by the symbolic use of the bread and juice of the vine (1 Corinthians 11:24-25) and in the Baptism with the Holy Spirit to empower believers for witnessing and effective service, just as it did in New Testament times. (Acts 2: 4)

That it is the will of God that we have a Spirit-filled life (Ephesians 4: 30-32), with the spiritual gifts and fruit constantly evident as bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit  (1Corinthians 12:1-11; Galatians 5:22) without showing extremes of fanaticism. (Philippians 4: 5)

– That divine healing is the power of Jesus Christ to heal the physically sick in answer to the prayer of faith. (James 5: 14-16)

– In the Second Coming of Jesus Christ (1Thessalonians 4: 16-17), His Millennial Reign that will bring the salvation of national Israel and the establishment of universal peace (Revelation 20: 1-6), and we believe and look forward to the perfect New Heavens & a New Earth that Jesus Christ is preparing for all people, of all time, who have accepted Him. (Revelation 21: 1-4)

– That it is our sacred duty to identify ourselves with the visible Body of Jesus Christ (Acts 16: 5; Hebrews 10: 25) and that soul winning is the most important responsibility of the Church (James 5: 20), a Church with a divinely called and scripturally ordained leadership ministry.  (Matthew 20: 25-27)

– In Heaven, the glorious eternal home of born-again believers (John 14: 1-3; Revelation 7: 15-17), and in hell, which is the place of eternal torment for all who reject Christ as the Saviour (Revelation 20:10,15), and that all shall stand someday before the judgement seat of God, and there receive eternal life or death. (2 Corinthians 5: 10) 

Core Values

  • Infallible, Inerrant Word of God
  • Spirit-filled Servant Leadership
  • Genuine Love and Passion for People

Mission Statement

To permeate our community with the good news about Jesus Christ through modern and relevant ways without compromising the truth of God’s word

Our first day of church for Jesus Our Banner Christian Church. Held at Essington Church, Westmead on July 19, 2009.

JOB CC First Day