True & genuine friendship is a priceless treasure that all of us can certainly have & enjoy.

In our JOB-C² family, it is our constant prayer that we all pursue a genuine friendship with one another. Yes, it is true that we are all different people, with different ‘h-a-p’(heart, abilities & personality). Yet our differences should not be the cause for us not to come together in true friendship.

Rather than competing with one another, let us always work towards complimenting each other, encouraging and assisting one another, in gentleness and humility, to be the best we can ever be.

Our pursuit of friendship with one another will be best supported by our pursuit of genuine and close friendship with our Lord Jesus Christ. In John 15:14, Jesus tells us how to be a true friend of His. He said, ‘You are my friends if you do whatever I command you.’ Knowing and obeying His commands is the key to be our Saviour’s friend.

Let us take time to thank our Lord for our loved ones and friends. Let us also ask Him to help us to be gentle, humble and selfless, that others may not only desire our love and friendship, but also recognize the gentle, humble & selfless image of our Friend Jesus in us.

May God truly bless & prosper you and your entire household !!!

Your friends in Christ, our Banner, our Saviour & our King,

Pastor Susan